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in santa rosa. 44 in san jose. by this afternoon, plenty of sunshine. not expecting a whole lot of fog today. 66 in san francisco. 73 in santa rosa. and 71 in the south bay and san jose. so lovely day shaping up even for tomorrow. a little bit warmer. temperatures top out at 74. remember that spf. we have rain in the forecast this upcoming week, wednesday, thursday and friday. >> and that's your latest forecast. lester? >>> still to come on today, ryan seacrest hopes a broadcast studio to give special kids a chance to shine. first, this is "today" on nbc. >>> ryan seacrest charitable foundation opened its new facilities. there are a number of hospitals around the country allowing the kids to forget even for just a moment the illness that brought them there. >> please welcome your host, ryan seacrest. >> you see him on "idol." >> five minutes after 7:00. >> and hear him on air. on friday morning though, ryan seacrest was at the children hospitals of orange county opening a state of the art media student for young patients. >> what's your favorite album or favorite song? >> reporter: pat
of san jose. a few extra clouds tomorrow and tuesday. few showers wednesday. best chance of rain late friday into saturday. >>> like it or not, lester, that's your latest forecast. >> not blaming the messenger anymore. thanks. >>> president obama is back at the bhous this morning after a high profile trip to the middle east meant to build up his credential there's? david gregory moderator of "meet the press." >> does this represent a new engagement by the president in the middle east peace process? >> i think the president is signalling that he wants to use political capital to get a middle east peace process up again. he was accepteding a strong message to israel and the region that he stands shoulder to shoulder with the netanyahu government. they've not always had a great relationship, but that relationship is very strong country to country, no matter who the leader is, and it's particularly important because of the issue of iran and syria. no doubt, the obama white house will have to be dealing with. >> he is back wanting to deal with domestic issues including gun control. after s
, about five degrees warmer than yesterday, 6 in san jose, 60 in san francisco. santa cruz not bad 63 degrees. tonight set the clocks ahead one hour, daylight savings time begins tomorrow. no chance of rain all week long. have a great weekend. >> that's your latest forecast. erica? >> all right. thanks. >>> we are talking weather. when it comes to predicting the path of the biggest storms, the super computers in europe seem to have ours beat. why the difference? al roker takes a look. >> reporter: they were dire warnings that shut down the nation's capital. >> our biggest snowfall in two years. can you believe it? >> reporter: forecasters promising washington's worst storm in two years. but that didn't happen. >> the question is, tom, do we need the push broom or the great, big shovel out here? we don't need either. >> reporter: the weather channel's jim cantore, known best for braving water like this -- >> hold on to the camera, brad -- >> reporter: was left in the snowless capital. >> no snow anywhere to be found. >> reporter: cliff mass is an atmospheric science professor at the un
, new york, only mid-30s and shamrock lake minnesota should be in >> here's a live view of san jose this morning. we have low clouds and fog across the bay area to start things off. we're seeing mostly cloudy and near 50 outside. keeping our morning temperatures up. once the clouds clear, it should be a nice day. hazy sunshine, close to 70 in san jose. we should still manage some low to mid-70s in our inland valleys today. tomorrow looks fine for st. patrick's day. the rain returns late friday into wednesday. big drop in temperatures too for the middle part of the week. >>> that's your latest forecast. lester. >> to florida are manatees are fighting for their lives. a record number have died? the last two months. >> you should see some here? >> in a whack water cleek on florida's southwest coast they're racing the clock to save lives. >> there were three traveling out this way. >> they're searching forren danger erd florida manatees, gentle giants that spend their days eating plants in coastal waters and rivers and already threatened by speed boats and cold snaps they're now threate
. ♪ >>> it is 7:26. good morning. i'm jon kelley. >>> police officers arriving in san jose to honor two of their own. a public memorial being held at hp pavilion starting at noon for santa cruz police officers loran "butch" baker and elizabeth butler. they died february 26th after they were gunned down while interviewing a sexual assault suspect. family, friends, and officers gathering right now near santa cruz's beach boardwalk to line up in a procession to san jose. they'll travel up highway 17 to highway 85 and then highway 87. the procession will exit just north of downtown and drive the few blocks to the hp pavilion. we'll be airing today's funeral live starting at noon right here on nbc bay area. you can also watch it on our website, nbcbayarea.com. with thousands of people just flooding into downtown san jose, let's check in with mike inouye right now to see how the traffic will be impacted. >> that route will be a big issue if you get stuck behind that caravan. you cannot pass it on the freeway. do not, do not ignore that warning. we'll look to the maps and look at the vicinity
in san jose is speaking out. the employee died after he was hit by a bus driven by his co-worker. the vta says 62-year-old service worker raul aposto wallas clean a bus when he was struck by another bus. the man's family says they took him off life support on tuesday, saying he was just two months away from retirement. >> it definitely causes a lot of concern. regarding the company. and the safety measures that they do take or do not take at these places. and it's just so sudden, something like this, tragic could happen. >> nbc bay area obtained information on a number of accidents at that division yard. since 2002, in total, we've learned there have been at least 63. a vta spokesperson says that safety is their top priority and promise also a thorough investigation. >>> police are warning shoppers to be on alert after a series of thefts at the great mall this week. police say there were four thechts in three day also in the mall's parking lot. thieves stole about $1,000 worth of valuables from three different cars. in another incident, a car was stolen. police are urging drivers to doubl
this message. >>> friday morning. what a beautiful way to start the day in san jose. getting all the oranges and yellows. sunrise with all the haze in the atmosphere. definitely more haze this morning than yesterday. that's because the rain cleared out our air quality. unfortunately, today, the haze will be back and the pollen levels as well as we head to the weekend. 71 in livermore, get together weekend. looking good. up to some shocking news this morning. 54 of the city's schools will soon be shut down. it could be the most at one time in one city ever. nbc's kevin tibbles has details. >> chicago public official schools plan to close the 54 schools in an effort to make a dent in a $1 billion budget deficit, make better use of resources and improve overall education here in the nation's third largest school district. >> i don't think it's going to be good for my kids. >> reporter: the news of the school closings continues to ripple across chicago this morning. >> i'm, just don't know where they're going to go. >> reporter: mayor rahm emmanuel says the closures are necessary after too much
, talking about the warmest day of the year so far, 83 degrees in livermore. here in san jose, 77 degrees. we will peak today, cool iing y off a couple of degrees heading into thursday. friday and saturday, things start to change. onshore flow increases. more fog to start the day and cooler afternoons as a result. saturday to sunday, st. apatrick's day weekend looks good for your outdoor plans and next rain comes into play tuesday and wednesday. we need mike inouye right now. >> we need something. congestion as well as the low clouds right here, 101 north of 680, low clouds in the background. very thick in spots. can't even use our camera at 280 and 16 because of the fog rolling in there. north 87, we have to see that clearing, just cleared from the roadway, five-car crash is cleared. monterey highway, great alternate for you, very slow off 87. 85, slow all the way up into cupertino. we'll end with this map, laura, and show you this. >> thank you very much. >>> enjoy this beautiful morning. the rule is whenever i get something new, i have to get rid of something. shop like a fashionista.
're still slated to hit the warmest day of the year so far. 46 degrees to start in san jose. it's mild out there. downright mild compared to where which started on monday morning at this time. 43 in gilroy. at noon, look at where temperatures are headed. 70 degrees as you break for lunch in san jose. and then we'll get into upper 70s in some cities as of this afternoon highs coming in about 3:30 in the afternoon 77 degrees on the way for fairfield. saturday, sunday, holding strong in the 70s. rush hour. foggy. let's check that drive with mike. >> good morning. you can see of the roadways is a very tough view right here at the bay bridge toll plaza. the reason there's a backup here, they turned metering lights on and relatively normal schedule for monday through thursday. fridays we don't expect that. the fog limited visibility likely playing a factor crossing the bay there's an advisory for richmond san rafael bridge, san mateo bridge and now dumbarton bridge. orange on maps shows where visibility is an issue. east shore freeway, oakland, 580, 8808 along the peninsula and north bay san fra
: you're watching "today in the bay." >>> good morning. looking live at san jose. and it is a dark starts to this morning, as the planes line up to the airport. >>> i'm kris sanchez along with meteorologist rob mayeda. we've sprung forward, so we're back in the dark. >> we'll see the skies give us a little extra sunlighted, sunset. 7:15 in the evening. 30s and 40s outside. so you don't want to be like me. you want to take a jacket as you go outside. mostly clear skies, except on the coast, patchy low fogs. inland, not too bad, upper 60s to low 70s tomorrow. middle part of the week, we're talking upper 70s on wednesday. early taste of spring coming your way for the middle part of the week. >> is that why you're not wearing a jacket? >> something like that. >> thank you very much, rob. >>> three people are dead, another seriously hurt this morning after a crash in daley city. it happened near the intersection of terrace view court and east moore avenue around 8:15 last night. firefighters managed to pull the victims from one of the mangled cars, but three died at the scene. the fourt
south san francisco and in san jose, we've been watching those showers, too. moving on towardal know rock we'll see sunny breaks at times and do expect some of the rain to fill again as we head toward lunchtime and still a risk of an isolated thunder shower and the intensity of the showers should subside tonight and a few more showers into monday and we're dryer tuesday into wednesday. and that's your latest forecast. peter? >> all right, dylan, thank you. >>> now to oklahoma, and that story of the dentist accused of running an unsanitary practice, potentially putting thousands of his patients at risk for hepatitis or hiv. this morning, many of them are waiting anxiously for test results, a day after they lined up for hours to be examined. the latest now from charles hadlock. >> reporter: this morning, hundreds are anxiously awaiting their medical fate after lining up for hepatitis and hiv tests. they all have one thing in common. they were patients of dr. scott harrington, whose dental practice is now at the center of a health scare. >> i just want to get the testing over with. >> i
morning to you. it is 7:26. i'm laura garcia cannon. san jose police looking for your help to catch two people that followed people off the rail and robbed them. they say a man in the white shirt and the man in the black shirt followed the victims off the light rail at the station three weeks ago, threatened to shoot the victims if they didn't hand over money. luckily, no one has been hurt. if you see anything, call police. i want to call christina on the forecast. it is going to be nice today. >>> it really is. once we get rid of all this cloud cover. that sun is outburning that top layer you have a. by 9:00 a.m., we should be mostly clear. i want to point out even with all those low clouds, we are running out of town. all flights across every major airport in this nation reporting on time right now. that's the good news. temperatures today are going to be close to 80 degrees in places like livermore. 78 in gilroy and 80 degrees straight up in fairfield as we head throughout the next couple of days. we start to get more active. expecting a pretty active easter sunday. keep that in mind
the numbers by noon, close to 70 in san jose. it will feel muggy outside. we've got the moisture to the southwest of us off the tropical jet stream, that willpower up, and cloudy skies at times today. we think there's a chance for a few showers but the main event tuesday and wednesday, much-needed rain and 9 the sierra snow and the temperatures going away from the 60s and 70s to the middle part of next week. >> the yo-yo continues. >>> one man is dead and a juvenile is in critical today after a shooting in east palo alto. it occurred at 6:00 last night. when officers arrived officers found a 22-year-old man suffering from a gunshot wound to his chest. he died on the scene. a male juvenile was found shot in the backyard and rushed to the hospital where he's now recovering this morning. investigators say the victims were shot after an argument with a suspect who then took off. >>> after three days of dealing with the emotional stress of losing two officers, santa cruz police are back out on patrol. they were driving around the streets of downtown santa cruz last night, sidewalk per
. clearing by the time you get to mission. the northbound route through san jose, 280 over the last 20 minutes. a big change in 17, slowing northbound. idyllwild into los gatos, things are clear all lanes. >> appreciate it. we will have another local update in one half hour from right now. the "today" show coming back at you. >>> what's the best thing about being a parent, as she prepares to become one herself. she also ask eed us about the wisdom our moms passed on to us and she's going to share what she learned coming up. >>> meanwhile, 7:30, march 31st, 2013. i'm matt lauer alongside savannah guthrie. >> coming up, the makeup artist who made it here to work her magic on five ladies. >> and then the personal treasures of david cassidy going up for auction, and it's for a very good cause. the man himself will be here to tell us all about that in just a little while. >> we're going to begin this half hour with a kentucky teenager charged with disorderly conduct for a prank that some hard-core gamers didn't find funny. >> good morning, here's a live lesson for all of us. don't mess with
into the evening. 68 in santa teresa. 68 degrees comfort right here in san jose. a little bit cooler at the coast, not by much. about 65 degrees in ocean beach. getting into the next couple days, the rain moves in late tomorrow, continues through wednesday. we're going to clear you out by thursday and enjoy a nice sunny finish to the weekend. >>> did harry approve of the forecast? >> yes. >> just making sure. for your latest forecast any time check it out on weather.com. >> thank you very much. coming up oscar winner nicolas cage live in our studio to tell us about his new animated movie. a rare glimpse into the private life of the queen right after this. [ poof! ] hey there, henderson family. i'm your rav4 genie. your wish is my command. i wish the old spare tire was gone. really? out of everything in the...okay. [ snaps fingers ] oh no, i meant... i wish animals could talk. much better. i wish the old spare tire was gone. [ laughs ] oh, i wish i could eat as much chocolate as i want. well, your chocolate levels are dangerously low. now gladys is gonna start you on a chocolate iv. and here are s
are at 45. san jose. sunnyvale, 45. we are going to round out the day in the mid-70s. by tomorrow, warmer weather. hope you have a fantastic day! >> and that's your latest weather. matt? >> and that's your latest weather. matt? >> al, thank you. >>> from where you are let's head further south for a journey to the bottom of the earth. nbc's kerry sanders is just back from antarctica, where he got a remarkable look at the world's last wilderness. good to see you. >> good morning, matt. when most people think of antarctica because it was on the cover of "sports illustrated" they may think of model kate upton, but if you look at those pictures there in the background -- take a look. see that? penguins and ice. and it's those penguins and ice that together, experts say, may be trying to tell us something. if there is a time of year for penguins to enjoy life, it's now. at the bottom of the world, it's summer. the eggs have hatched. chicks are molting, as waterproof feathers replace baby fuzz. soon they'll join their parents for their first polar plunge. >> they walk on two feet. they have thes
morning. i'm meteorologist, christina loren. mostly cloudy. san jose, same deal. a little bit of sunshine in san francisco. highs today are going to be just about as warm as yesterday. we are forecasting 67 degrees in livermore, 68, gilroy. right around 66 degrees in santa teresa. chances for rain ramp up as we head through tonight. mostly in the north bay by thursday. another chance looking good for sunday. it's a sign from god. let's show you -- first, go to weather.com, or the weather channel to get your latest weather. matt? >> all right, al. thank you very much. >>> up next, how facebook is helping lead to a new understanding of tornados, and the 17-year-old whiz kid who just sold his app to yahoo! for millions. but first, these messages. yaho millions. but first, these messages. on a walk, walk, walk. love to walk. yeah, we found that wonderful thing. and you smiled. and threw it. and i decided i would never, ever leave it anywhere. because that wonderful, bouncy, roll-around thing... had made you play. and that... had made you smile. [ announcer ] beneful. play. it's good for you.
has gone by. pretty significant batch on the room to the south bay. expecting showers in san jose. about 40 minutes away from sunnyvalley. keep that in mind. it will be cool. you'll need a jacket. and umbrella. warming up through the weekend. >>> toll plaza, we had a crash here on the san mateo bridge. we had slowing, recovering now. down toward the dakota area, dumbarton bridge. northbound route 101 slow from capital past the crash. >> mike, appreciate it. thank you very much. another localup date for you in one half hour. hope to see you then. shop like a fashionista. today i got these amazing designer heels. save like a maxxinista. what to get rid of this time? designer brands at t.j. prices. t.j.maxx. >>> kate, can i call you katie? okay, kate works. i'm going to be real with you here. i don't have a girlfriend and with prom season rolling around, this would be problematic for some, but not me. i'm opt muimus prime, i see the glass half full. >> high school senior from california asks kate upton to be his date so will she go? she had some kind of response on twitter overnight
'm meteorologist, christina loren. this is beautiful san jose. we have mid-level and high clouds moving in. not a lot of fog to point out. travel cautiously. looking good. a mix of sun and clouds. 69, livermore. 69, concord. the next couple of days, shower chances starting tuesday all the way through sunday of this week. >> and >> and that's your latest weather. >> the u.s. supreme court is tasking on the issue of same-sex marriage this week and people on both sides of the issue are lining up outside the court this morning. pete williams is there. good morning to you. >> reporter: it's been a long, cold, wet night of waiting for people outside of the court that hope to get a seat inside. some have been here since thursday and the arguments start tomorrow. the court hears a challenge to two laws, proposition 8 that stops same-sex marriage in california and defense of marriage act that blocks the federal government from recognizing it but for the people at the heart of the case, it is simple. they just want to get married. this couple has been together 13 years and raised four boys now ages
. known for songs including "do you know the way to san jose" and "walk on by." her spokesperson said she was the victim of bad financial management. >>> a couple of close calls and two amazing videos to show this morning. take a look. a bus driver is being hailed as a hero after -- >> oh! >> i know. a car hit a lamppost sending it through the bus in china. the driver was injured. he ruptured his spleen but managed to stop the bus and saved those passengers. unbelievable. >> reflexes. >> unbelievable, i know. and look at this. in dayton, ohio, first responders were on the scene of an accident tuesday on a snowy road when a pickup skidded into one of the firefighters on the left of the screen. unbelievable. he was injured. dayton, ohio. he is hospitalized but thankfully is expected to fully recover. that's in dayton, ohio. >>> and al, this one's especially for you. the a-team's mr. t. was on the ice last night during a break in the blackhawks/flames game. showed off his skills. icago native was right on target after he was heard saying, quote, i pity that puck, or day i say i pity that puc
70s. we are going to wrap up the day at 75 degrees. here in san jose, comfortable weekend. >>> this is the rush-hour drive through the south bay. underneath the 887 interchange. on the maps, we don't have the beautiful sunrise but we do have the red to illustrate that section. 87 and 101, minor slowing. typical congestion at 85, turns green again. speeds close to the limits. we are looking southbound 880 coming out of hayward and in towards fremont. smooth drive. speeds in the upper 50s. lights on. minor backup at the bay bridge. smooth incline and freeway. back to you. >>> thank you very much. another local update in one half hour from now. in the meantime, the "today" show rolls on. hope to see you later. >>> it's kind of a show band. >> okay. >> not the orange? >> this isn't the orange marching band. they are from kir sues, -- syracuse, university. they are called -- >> 7:30 on this friday morning, the 15th of march 2013, that was the scene yesterday on our plaza. we had a surprise appearance by this band and now fast forward 24 hours. >> that's right, you do not try to
miles an hour at times, as he made his way through parts of san jose and campbell, and that sparks were flying from underneath that car. police say it all started around 2:30 yesterday afternoon when an officer tried to stop the 25-year-old suspect who the officer said was behaving suspiciously. >> the driver of the car at that point rammed the police car. so he basically assaulted the officer. at this point the officer does now have cause to pursue that suspect. >> police say during the pursuit, the suspect rammed two other patrol cars and pointed what appeared to be a gun at officers. he also threw things out of a window including a baseball bat and a purse along the way. he eventually turned into a neighborhood where he slowed down and got out of the car. authorities say the man refused to obey orders, and two officers opened fire killing him. the suspect's identity has not been released. no officers were injured. >>> happening now, crews in florida are demolishing a house where a giant sinkhole swallowed up this man while he was in his own bedroom. that man is now presumed dead. aut
. >> watching lots of low clouds around san jose that as we show you hour by hour should start to break up as we head toward lunchtime 8:00 through 10:00 thin clouds thin out. partly cloudy skies this afternoon. temperatures are going to stay fairly cool especially around the inner bay mainly 50s throughout the day west of oakland and low to mid 60s inland around the tri-valley today. tomorrow we'll see clouds increasing through the day today leading up to rain. a chance of thunder into wednesday. look at highs only mid 50s middle part of the week. >> as you've been tolli itellin people, low clouds and fog not a problem for drivers. haven't seen windshield wipers across the san mateo bridge. westbound away from us smooth to the high rise but approaching the toll plaza we have slowing. an earlier disabled vehicle in one of the lanes and as they moved to the shoulder we saw a backup form. be prepared for that for the next half hour are so. slow for 880 down through hayward and union city and slow for 580 and livermore closer to dublin interchange things are moving smoothly. south bay routes with s
by rheumatologists. >>> it is 7:26. good morning, everybody. i'm jon kelley. we're keeping an eye on south san jose where police say a woman woke up to find a strange man standing right over her bed. it happened at a home off highway 101. san jose police telling us the man now in custody is a sex offender and he was wearing an ankle bracelet at the time. they say he also had a pair of women's underwear in his pocket. right now they're not sure if those belong to the woman or one of her daughters who also lives in that house. of course this one is still an active crime scene and we have a crew on the way to the scene to gather more details and we'll have them for you as soon as we get them into our newsroom. >>> christina loren has the day off and rob mayeda is here to tell us about rain on the way. >> a pleasant start to the day but hour by hour we'll see the rain dropping into the bay area into the afternoon for the north bay and across the rest of the bay area into the evening followed up by several rounds of showers to wrap up the week. upper 50s and low 60s for highs today. look out for souther
sky over san jose. overall, we are not getting anything really heavy. just very light cells. highs will be very much so on track with our season average. 76 "today" in san jose. >>> that's your l >> that's your latest weather. >> we have a better idea this morning. the direction the supreme court justices may lean when it comes to same-sex marriage. this after two days of historic argument at the nation's highest court. nbc's justice correspondent pete williams has been following this story. pete, good morning again to you. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. based on what the justices said, a majority of them seem prepared to strike down the defense of marriage act passed by strong majorities in congress 17 years ago. it blocks the federal government from recognizing same-sex marriages in the states that allow them. >> reporter: supporters of same-sex marriage are optimistic this morning based on what the justices say about a lawsuit brought by 83-year-old edi windsor of new york. she challenged doma when the federal government refused to recognize her marriage to another woman a
. and light, from san jose to santa rosa. the showers are coming in so late, we'll be able to reach levels close to yesterday. 70 degrees for gilroy. and 69 in san francisco. looking good until thursday. then, we're going to clear you out. forecast. savannah? >>> all right, dylan. thank you. voting is under way this morning for a special election for south carolina's first open congressional district seat. former governor mark sanford one of the names on the ballot after he looks for a comeback. kelly o'donnell is in charleston for us. kelly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. people here say they've been overwhelmed by the number of candidates, many swamping the local tv stations with campaign ads. much of the attention has been on the former governor after his public affair, and he's now seeking political redemption. a chance for an unlikely comeback. >> how are you, mark sanford, good to see you. >> reporter: former south carolina governor mark sanford is up against 15 fellow republicans running for congress. >> i feel like i'm supposed to be crawling back on to this lar
. good morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren taking a live look over san jose. the time is 7:15. we still have clouds lingering over the western facing slopes but overall we are clearing you out quickly. done with the rain at least for now. 60 degrees in livermore. 57 degrees in fremont. some good news to bring to the table for the weekend. we have warmup ahead. bad news, a time change as well. we lose an hour of sleep on sunday. >>> that's your latest weather. lester? >> al, thanks. government watchdogs are raising new questions this morning about an advocacy group pushing president obama's agenda. are wealthy donors being promised special access to the president? nbc's chief white house correspondent chuck todd is at the white house for us. chuck, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, lester. when it comes to barack obama's views on money and politics, his actions have rarely matched his words. with word that he wants to keep his political machine alive, how he plans on going about raising money for that group is coming under new scrutiny. when it comes to big money in politics
. the school superintendent tells us, per our discussions with the san jose police department, the preliminary investigative findings are that the individual in question did not have contact of any kind with any student on the bus that day. we'll, of course, have an update coming for you during our 11:00 a.m. newscast. right now, let's turn to a much brighter note an take things outside. christina loren says another good look and feel. good morning, jon. >>> you can see the sky from san bruno. really pretty live shots. the sun coming up now. beautiful start to the day here over the bay bridge. you can see the high in the mid-level clouds in addition to the other clouds. fairfield, a half mile of visibility available to you. these numbers have been drifting in and out as we have been heading through the morning hours. we are expecting the fog to be at its worse between 9:00 a.m., 71 degrees in fremont, 72, san jose and 72 in los gatos. mike, you have had that issue on the rhodoads. it seems like it is still out there. >> a tow truck driver finishing cleaning up the parts after the early morning
the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow on this st. patrick's day looking live at san jose and a beautiful sunrise to get you started. i'm kris sanchez along with meteoral gist rob mayeda. >> we had misty skies and this morning we have clear skies and kind of a chilly start without the extra cloud cover. 42 in levermore. 46, and partly cloudy skies and the notice heading into tonight we'll see increasing clouds which will eventually lead up to the chance to seeing rain in the seven-day forecast. mostly 60s by lunchtime and a few spots still managing low 70s and not quite as warm as yesterday and we're talking about the chance of seeing rain and snow coming back. we'll see rain and how much of that in the seven-day forecast. >> thank you very much, rob. >>> for a lot of folks the st. patrick's day weekend it is not only about an irish tradition. it is an exc
and umbrella today. highs only registering in the upper 50s. 61 degrees on the way for gilroy. 56 in san jose. your 7-day outlook shows a different scenario next week. 74 on monday. >> reporter: and in the last 15 minutes, it's kind of interesting looking at how the snow has changed from these big, fat, wet, fluffy flakes to something your crystal and granular. this is going to be a very long and arduous system, savannah. >> al roker, tracking the storm flake by flake. thank you so much. >>> we move on now to the death of venezuelan president hugo chavez. he was a polarizing and outspoken figure. u.s. officials are wondering how his passing will impact relations with the oil giant. nbc's mark potter is in caracas this morning. mark, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. the mood in caracas is somber as venezuelans begin seven days of national mourning. even though chavez had long been ill and news of his condition had been worsening, many here were still surprised when he died, in part because of his larger than life personality. venezuela's vice president was clearly emot
in san jose to start the day. by noon, we're going to climb into the upper 60s. you will be at 60 degrees in antioch breaking for lunch. rounding out the day closer to 80. 80 in fairfield. low 70s for san francisco. unusual to hit the 70s in san francisco. enjoy it while it lasts as we head through the end of the week. things start to change. we're going to cool you off a little bit. 7:27 is rush-hour. traffic tuesday, check the drive. being a traffic tuesday, it is actually not quite so bad as we often see. here is the 101. a little bit of a break here. look at the south bay map. we do have slowing northbound through that entire stretch. that was a little temporary break. we have a crash farther north heading north of the airport. that could cause more distraction as it moves to the shoulder. slow for this stretch of 101 and 280 at the 17 interchange. bottom of your screen northbound. a crash blocks one lane. that's why things are bogging down. that orange in the bottom right corner indicating fog coming out of morgan hill. live look around. low clouds. earlier crashes cause slowing. thi
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